Puzzles 2000 pieces (68 x 96 cm)
Puzzles 2000 pieces (68 x 96 cm)

2000 pieces puzzle (68 x 96 cm) - Pack of 10 Pieces

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The customizable Puzzles 2000 pieces (68 x 96 cm) using the sublimation technique.

The puzzles are made from cardboard, and cased in a high quality varnish. Thanks to this varnish, the surface print provides bright and high quality colors. It is an ideal product for gifts.

Product information

  • Measures: 68 x 96 cm
  • Material: Cardboard
  • Surface color: white
  • Packing: 10pcs / (48 x 34 x 37 cm)

Made from cardboard and urface color in white

Finish: high quality

Thickness: 2 mm

puzzle pieces
2000 p. (68 x 96 cm)

The sublimation process can vary depending on the press used.

  1. Do the printing in mirror mode.
  2. It is advisable to let dry the paper for 5 minutes.
  3. Preheat the press to 200º.
  4. Place the paper correctly above the pad and fix it with heat tape. Then, put it on the press.
  5. Close the press for 60 seconds and make pressure over the pad.
  6. Once this time has passed, with the help of protective gloves, take out the pad of the press and then remove the paper.
  7. Leave cool the pad for a few minutes.
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